Traffic Congestion. Delays. Frustration.
This isn’t a “Big City” Problem.
It’s OUR Problem.

Our Local Transportation System is failing. Its performance, resiliency and reliability no longer meet the needs of Kootenai County.

Warning:  Conditions in mirror are closer than you think.

The last major investment in Kootenai County roadways took place in the early 1970s. Since then, population growth in the County has increased by 340%!! We are driving on and relying on an outdated legacy transportation system of 800+ miles.

Solution: VOTE YES for Traffic Relief on the November Ballot

The Local Option Vehicle Registration Fee Question will be on the November ballot. It proposes an annual $50 fee for vehicles under 8,000 lbs. and $25 for motorcycles for the next 20 years.

The New Fee Will Provide over $200 Million for LOCAL Transportation Upgrades

Based on 2019 vehicle data, the annual revenue from the $50 registration fee would be approximately $7.3 million.  Assuming a 2% annual increase between 2021 and 2041, that amount rises to approximately $11.4 million annually. This money will provide over $200 million toward implementing 12 specifically designated local transportation projects.

98.5% of the Local Option Vehicle Registration Fees Will Stay in Kootenai County.

We Need to Take Action Now. The Future is Already Here.

Local funding for transportation is non-existent and federal government funding models have changed.

Over the past 15 years, federal funding for major traffic improvements has moved to a national competitive grant program. In order to be seriously considered for federal grant funding, municipalities must demonstrate a collective regional and state financial commitment in the range of 40% to 60% of the grant request.

The days of expecting to use only “someone else’s money” to fund our transportation investments are gone.

In 2019, Kootenai County received less than 3% of the annual State Highway Revenue Account. Increased costs associated with operating, maintaining, and preserving the existing transportation system has all but eliminated any currently available funds to re-invest in our local transportation system.

On an annual basis, less than 10% of the funds provided go to address existing traffic congestion, capacity, and reliability challenges.

The 12 Local Transportation Projects for Traffic Relief

The Local Option Vehicle Registration Fee will be used to accelerate the financing and construction of these specific 12 Kootenai County Transportation projects exclusively.

  1. Interstate 90 Widening to 6 Lanes: Stateline to East Sherman Ave.
  2. Huetter Corridor - New Controlled Access Highway: Interstate 90 to U.S. 95 north of Hayden in vicinity of Boekel Road.
  3. Poleline Avenue Widening to 5 Lanes: Huetter Corridor to State Highway 41.
  4. Prairie Avenue Widening to 5 Lanes: Meyer Road to State Highway 41.
  5. Pleasant View Road Widening to 5 Lanes: Seltice Way to State Highway 53.
  6. Hayden Avenue Widening to 3 Lanes: Huetter Road to State U.S. 95.
  7. Atlas Road Widening to 3 Lanes: Seltice Way to Hanley Avenue.
  8. S. 95 Spokane River Bridge Widening to 5 Lanes: Davidson to Upriver Dr.
  9. New I-90 Overpass - Ironwood Area: Ironwood to Appleway at N. Julia Street.
  10. State Highway 54: UPRR & BNSF Underpass in Athol to remove at-grade crossings.
  11. I-90 Port of Entry Relocation: Relocate to the I-90 McGuire Road Overpass vicinity.
  12. Regional Traffic Management Center: Utilizing technology to improve traffic flow and communicate with drivers.

Local governments and highway districts in Kootenai County, as members of the Kootenai Metropolitan Planning Organization (KMPO), have identified and adopted this list.

What If the Local Option Vehicle Registration Fee Doesn’t Pass on November 3rd?

Our status quo will grow worse … none of these projects are scheduled … continued roadway decline, longer waits, more traffic jams … Post Falls, Hayden, Rathdrum, Coeur d’Alene all in ever-maddening gridlock … traffic congestion and longer delays will continue to be a way of life.

Everyone Will Benefit

Everyone who drives in Kootenai County will benefit from the Local Option Vehicle Fee.  Daily commuters, parents taking their kids to/from school, and commercial entities of every type will benefit. Everyone who relies on transportation for travel, goods and services will benefit.

The $50 Fee Amounts to ‘14 Cents A Day’ per Vehicle.

How much is YOUR TIME worth when you are stuck in traffic? How much gas do you waste sitting at lights?

VOTE YES for Local Option Vehicle Fees on the November Ballot

Endorsed By: The Coeur d’Alene Regional Chamber of Commerce, Post Falls Chamber of Commerce, Parkwood Business Properties, North Idaho Building & Contractors Association (NIBCA), The Coeur d’Alene Area Economic Development Corp./Jobs Plus, The Coeur d’Alene Association of REALTORS, Young Construction Group