Traffic Congestion. Delays. Frustration.
This isn’t a “Big City” Problem. It’s Our Problem.

Our Local Transportation System is failing. Its performance, resiliency and reliability no longer meet the needs of Kootenai County.

Warning:  Conditions in mirror are closer than you think.


The Kootenai County Citizens for Traffic Relief (KCCTR) is a registered Political Action Committee comprised of local citizens and business leaders throughout Kootenai County. The PACs purpose is to raise funds and support the successful passage of the Local Option Vehicle Registration Fee.

The Kootenai Metropolitan Planning Organization (KMPO) is not associated with KCCTR, but has been instrumental in identifying the need, researching and conducting traffic studies, and developed the proposal for the 12 Traffic Projects and the ballot question. The Kootenai County Commissioners unanimously agreed to place the question on the ballot.

KMPO was established in early 2003 with primary responsibility to ensure and plan for the safe and efficient movement of people and goods in and across Kootenai County by developing a 20-year transportation plan and funding program.

KMPO looks at current and future transportation challenges facing the region, and working community groups, local jurisdictions, state and federal agencies, and seeks to develop a common sense and realistic approach toward developing and implementing identified transportation investment.

The organization is governed by board of nine elected and two appointed officials and is supported by a 15-member technical committee (KCATT), that provides technical reviews and recommendations on various plans, programs and projects.

The following businesses and organizations have endorsed this ballot question. A complete list of endorsements can be viewed here.


If you'd like to make a donation, please send your check to:

Kootenai County Citizens for Traffic Relief

% Len Crosby, Treasurer

1209 S. Riverside Harbor Drive

Post Falls, ID 83854