Endorsements from Local Businesses and Organizations

Coeur d’Alene Regional Chamber of Commerce

Post Falls Chamber of Commerce

Parkwood Business Properties

Coeur d'Alene Association of REALTORS

North Idaho Building Contractors Association (NIBCA)

The Coeur d’Alene Area Economic Development Corp. /Jobs Plus

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John Young Construction Group

Viking Builders LLC

Century 21 Beutler & Associates

Idaho Forest Group

Riverbend Commerce Park

Inland Northwest Associated General Contractors

Idaho Associated General Contractors

David Evans and Associates, Inc.

Support from Kootenai County Citizens

  • Stephen T. Wilson
  • Derrell Hartwick
  • Heidi Rogers
  • Len Crosby
  • Steve Meyer
  • Scot Haug
  • John Young
  • Candace Godwin
  • Ann Beutler
  • Connie Krueger
  • Dave Davey
  • Jame’ Davis
  • Brent Lyles
  • Linda Davis
  • Dan Gookin
  • Shelly Enderud
  • Brett Boyer
  • Leon Duce
  • Michael Lenz
  • Eric Shanley
  • Kevin Howard
  • Ben Weymouth
  • Gynii Gilliam
  • John Beutler
  • Nicholas Mehalechko
  • Gary Schneidmiller
  • Ali Taylor
  • Jan Tymesen
  • Ron Jacobson
  • Cindy Elliot
  • Allen Dykes
  • Angela Erickson
  • Leslie Streeter
  • Scott Krajack
  • Robert Palus
  • Mary Crosby
  • Hal Godwin
  • Luke Russell
  • Candice Smith
  • Jack Riggs
  • Marie Widmyer
  • Katie Hunt
  • Mark Robitaille
  • Troy Tymesen
  • Doug Elliot
  • Alivia Metts
  • Mark Johnson
  • Sandy Patano
  • Rick Rasmussen
  • Jody Azevedo
  • Leonard Counihan
  • Jim Valle
  • Tom Torgerson

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