Traffic Congestion. Delays. Frustration.
This isn’t a “Big City” Problem. It’s Our Problem.

Our Local Transportation System is failing. Its performance, resiliency and reliability no longer meet the needs of Kootenai County.

Warning:  Conditions in mirror are closer than you think.

Traffic Projects

The Kootenai Metropolitan Planning Organization (KMPO), has identified and adopted 12 regionally-significant transportation projects throughout Kootenai County, which are critical to maintain a safe and efficient transportation system.

The $50 Local Option Vehicle Registration fee is estimated to provide over $200 million toward the financing and construction for these 12 Kootenai County traffic projects exclusively.

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Interstate 90

Washington/Idaho State Line to Sherman Avenue (widen to 6-lanes)

Description: The I-90 project will widen the freeway from four (4) to six (6) lanes, from the Washington/Idaho state line to Sherman Avenue on the east side of Coeur d’Alene. This will include rebuilding some existing I-90 bridges that go over local roadways, such as Atlas and Huetter Roads.



Huetter Corridor

Interstate 90 to US-95 (4-lane divided highway with limited access)

Description:  The Huetter corridor will be a four lane divided highway with access limited to interchange locations at Pole line, Prairie, Hayden, Wyoming, Lancaster, and Ramsey Road; after which is connects with U.S. 95 North in the vicinity of Boekel Road.  The design will include a pedestrian/bike trail and frontage Road for local traffic.  To reduce corridor related noise impacts on the Rathdrum Prairie, the roadway will be depressed, thereby limiting noise exposure to adjacent properties.

Prairie Avenue Reconstruction

Meyer Road to SH-41 (widen to 5-lanes)

Description:  Construction Prairie Avenue to five (5) lanes from Meyer Road to SH-41 and match existing improvements to the east.  This would also include the removal of the Union Pacific Spur line crossing that is currently in the process of abandonment.

Poleline Avenue

Huetter Corridor to SH-41 (widen to 5-lanes)

Description:  Pole Line Avenue to current 5 lane design standards from SH-41 to the Huetter Corridor.

Pleasant View Road

Seltice Way to SH-53 (widen to 5-lanes)

Description:  Reconstruct Pleasant View Road from Seltice Way to SH-53 and the programmed overpass of the BNSF and Interchange with SH-53.

Hayden Avenue

Huetter Corridor to US-95 (widen to 3-lanes)

Description:  Reconstruct Hayden Avenue from the Huetter Corridor to U.S. 95.

Atlas Road

Seltice Way to Hanley Avenue (widen to 3-lanes)

Description:  Reconstruct Atlas Road to current 3 lane design standards from Seltice to Hanley, including intersection improvements at Atlas Road and Prairie Avenue, to correct turning movement deficiencies for trucks access the Atlas Industrial Park.

US-95 Spokane River Bridge

Davidson Avenue to Upriver Drive (widen to 5-lanes)

Description:  Reconstruct U.S. 95 to current design standards with a five lane section from Davidson to Upriver Dr. on the south side of the river.

I-90 Julia Street Overpass

Ironwood Drive to Appleway Avenue (2-lane overpass with wide shoulders, sidewalks, and bike lanes)

Description:  Construct a low volume local overpass of I-90 between Ironwood and Apple Way to current 2 lane urban design standards.

State Highway 54 Underpass

Removal of UPRR & BNSF At-Grade Railroad Crossings

Description:  Eliminate two (2) railroad crossing with the construction of a SH-54 underpass to reduce travel delay, improve safety and reliability on the freight and goods system, while reducing noise exposure from train whistle blowing at the two crossings.

Interstate 90 Port of Entry Relocation

Move Huetter Port of Entry to I-90 McGuire Road Overpass Vicinity

Description:  Relocate the I-90 Port of Entry and weigh-in-motion scales to the west to the vicinity of McGuire Road where existing land can be used to create a more efficient and effective transition into and out of the facility.

Regional Traffic Management Center

Ensure Safe and Efficient Movement of People and Goods

Description:  Construction a Regional Traffic Management Center in Coeur d’ Alene adjacent to I-90 that is jointly owned and operated on behalf of local jurisdictions, highway districts and ITD to manage traffic and incident management.